Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

Who We Are and What We Do

Faith Baptist Church is a fellowship of believers in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

We are of the Baptist faith and are in association with other churches of the American Baptist Association.

Our vision of unity means we all study the same topic each week. Our pastor presents the topic in a message during the worship hour, then our Bible study classes take up that same topic in the next hour. From nursery through adult classes, all are studying the same scriptures and theme. This allows parents to know what their children are studying, because it is the same topic the parent has just covered.

We call this approach One Faith.

It extends not only to our lessons (One Mind) but to our worship as well (One Voice). Our worship team focuses our worship time, not just on familiar classics, but on songs which are relevant to the theme being preached and later taught. Our service ministry (One Heart) takes the theme and offers practical service ideas and opportunities so that the lessons are not just head taught, but heart lived. The result is a church that functions in unity (One Body), living out our faith in community. Check out the various levels of our One Faith ministry: